Friday, February 19, 2010


In August last year we went to Norway on the Oriana, London and then onto Greek Islands. I cut these out 2 weeks before to take with me. I cut them in some of my favourite fabric and colors aqua, yellow and bright pink. They are not in proper order yet I just laid them out for photos. Also in between each star will be a plain hexagon of same size but in large print fabric.

Some of the large print hexagons already cut out

These are the aqua diamonds that go between

For many years it has been my dream to go to Norway as I am of Norwegian descent. My great, great Grandfather was a Norwegian seaman and fell in love with my great,great Grandmother and jumped ship in the 1860's. When the Troopers (Police) came looking for him she hid him under flour sacks in her Father's flour mill. When we arrived in Norway I rang my Mother and said to her "I have my feet on Norway the first time anyone in the family has in 150 years". She loved it!! So did I it was breathtakingly beautiful!!!! This is the beautiful Fjords of Norway and the Oriana moored there. We took this from the mountain top.

The Quilt Shop in Bergen. Fantastic to be able to find quilt shops in other Countries and see what type of work they do. Of course I had to buy fabric especially from Norway. I got some fabric for the hexie stars and promptly went back to the Oriana and cut more out.

This is what hubby turns into when he has been shopping for too long and lack of food

I gave in and we went to this great Seafood Market on waterfront in Bergen for lunch. Method in my madness I told him we better walk this off so we went shopping again.

These beautiful shops are very old and I bought some beautiful Christmas decorations at the Christmas Shop here. At the Quilt Shop I also bought a beautiful little applique mini quilt of these shops but forgot to photograph it. I will put it on another post.

I believe farmer's grow grass on rooftops so livestock can stay up there in Winter and not get frostbite.

Patchwork shop in London in Kew. Very nice shop. Of course I found a few more fabrics!!!!!

Sewing and picnic in Hyde Park. Weather was lovely. We bought our food in Harrods Food Hall hence my beautiful shopping bag of the old peacock tile there. Well I had to carry the food in something!!!!

Oops being touristy in Buck Palace!!

They think of everything.

Yes sewing again. This time in Greek Islands.

Am really looking forward to finishing this quilt but I am trying to keep it for when I travel as it is really an easy one to work on.


  1. Hey Sharron my best quilting buddy! great stories, you should be on a travel blog all the hexies - and the photos of your quilts. there has to be more than this sprinkling? Catch up for dinner soon. Cheers, Kim McLean

  2. Thanks for sharing I have really anjoyed your post.


  3. Thankyou for sharing all those wonderful visual delights. Love the hexagons and the quilt shops what a treat :-)
    Have a great Weekend

  4. Love your hexagons and what a great way to remember such a wonderful holiday.

  5. Just shows you how happy travelling stitchers can be! Terrific photos, loved the project too.

  6. Hi Sharron ...loved looking at your blog and the hexagons and quilt shops..
    Heagons are one of my favourites to do while out on sewing days with friends..
    Julia ♥

  7. What a wonderful post Sharron, and what a beautiful vacation!
    I love your hexies and I think it will be gorgeous when it is all put together, can't wait to see it!
    Valentina in Cyprus

  8. I enjoyed your post....beautiful photos.....goodluck finishing your post.........

  9. I enjoyed your post....beautiful photos.....goodluck finishing your post.........