Saturday, January 8, 2011


Today is our 34th Wedding Anniversary. In the 70's I lived in Bali. I would come back to Sydney and work a bit to save up and go back again for a couple of months. Bali then was way different to now. I came back to work and met my husband and as they say the rest is history. This is our 70's wedding. We had it in Sydney because my Mother has a fear of flying and never would go overseas so my Bali wedding never happened.

Dreams can happen. You can make them happen. My Bali wedding on our 30th Wedding Annivesary. Same day same time. BALI!!!!!!!!

Our beautiful daughter was our attendant and our event organiser. Our son managed to muck up his flight and never made it (of course) Oh well!!! He said can't you delay it and I said NO we are doing this same day same time. He said well I will come over later I said if you aint at the wedding don't come for the honeymoon. It was a beautiful day with 1,000's of frangipanis for aisle, little legong girls for flower girls, gamelan band playing traditional music, champagne and my favourite cake banana with cream cheese frosting. PERFECT.

Our beautiful Shanna. Thank you for a beautiful, memorable day.

We had a great day today out on the water and dinner at a romantic restaurant on the Central Coast where we had yummy lobster and I forgot to take the camera of course. May we have many more and I remember to take camera.