Monday, September 13, 2010


We found this Quilt Shop in Copenhagen. It was huge inside with loads of fabric. Kaffes were on sale but I decided as this was the beginning of the trip I better be careful!! A very nice quilter asked for my help with some choices. My Husband came in at that moment and couldn't believe how language had no barriers in the Quilt World and also how calm and gentle I helped her. I told him that is what we are like that it is very rare that a quilter would put someone down in order to build themselves up!!!

This is what I bought.
We went on a Canal trip.

Surprise for Hubby who thought I was sitting behind him!!!!!

These swans and babies were beautiful.

Us outside Amalienborg Palace. We went through Princess Mary's home as they were
away for the Summer. They have incorporated Australia and Denmark in all the artwork there. A nice little story, when we were in taxi going to Quilt Shop the driver asked if we were English. We said "no Australian" and he said "thank you for Princess Mary".

Everyone gets around Copenhagen on bikes as car tax is so high. We took this photo for our pregnant daughter and told her this is her new company vehicle.

This is the very beautiful Dragor. It is out of town a bit and on the seaside.

This was funny. This contraption is so you can watch what is going on in the street. I might install one outside my office!!!!!

Not very close up but this field was full of geese. This was just one group.

Hooray after walking for kilometres in 35 degrees we were finally back at Boat. I was sad I had missed out on the Little Mermaid as she is visiting in China but they have installed a big screen TV where she normally sits and we could see her live in China.

Just in time for Sail Away Cocktails and some hexies.