Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I was on Barbara Brackman's blog recently and saw she had done a posting on tile quilts. I
was in Spain and Morocco a couple of years ago and took these photos. I thought hmmm!!
there is a quilt somewhere in here. What do you think??????

I would also like to thank all the fabulous bloggers who have posted comments and joined
as followers and big hugs to Notjustnat for outing me. It feels great to know that "somebody is out there".

Friday, January 22, 2010


Found a few more photos that might interest you so here goes


I found photos of some of my quilts on my computer and our expert at Work, John Muldoon (bless him), helped me to make this a bit more interesting. I hope you enjoy them ....

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Scary First Post!

I was going to start with "is anybody out there" but I already have a wonderful lady Natima from Notjustnat following and helping already. How lucky am I to have a blogging friend like that from the beginning. I have lots of photos of Christmas,
travels and quilts and would like to do my header and post items properly but felt I could not leave this blank for much longer. I am very new to this but love to read everyone's blogs so I thought Bloggers could bear with me whilst I learn. I am just back from Bali and Singapore where I was lucky enough to purchase BLOGGING FOR BLISS to help me a bit. I also think I better puchase Blogging for Dummies whilst I am at it. Like all Quilters I have far too many U.F.O.'s and am lucky to be starting
classes with legends Marg Sampson and Brigitte Giblin this year at Material Obsession so I guess I will have more. I should explain my chosen Blog name too I love and collect Dragonflies (amongst many other things) and we travel a lot hence the Gypsy part. Over the coming weeks I plan to learn how to load photos on and show Finished and WIP quilts, some of my collections and trips which almost always has me outside (and definitely inside) a quilt shop. I hope I don't bore everyone.