Friday, February 12, 2010


First off, last night we went to see Avatar at the Open Air Cinema at Sydney Harbor. This cinema is amazing!!!! The giant screen is built rising out of the water. I did not think there was anything in the World that would stop me continously looking at our beautiful night view of the Harbor but I must say Avatar succeeded. The screen was in the middle and one side we had the City buildings lit up and on the other side we had the Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge all lit up. Absolutely stunning!!!!!! The night was warm and as for the movie I LOVED it! I am a trekkie from the very beginning and am a loyal follower so I am having some guilt pangs but I think I am going to have to edit my profile and put Avatar first. I couldn't sleep for a long time last night as my mind was so alert from the colorful visual effects.

This Quilt is a pattern from Brigitte Giblin called Carmen Miranda. I fell in love with this from the beginning as it is my colors and cannot wait to finish this for our bed. Of course we all know how many I have on the go but I keep working on this every chance as it gets me there that much quicker. I see Carmen Miranda every time I look at this and have a chuckle. There are lots of my beloved fussy cut hexies, bananas, palm trees, flowers and flamingo fabric. WHAT A JOY!!!!!!

This quilt was a copy of an antique quilt out of a Carter Huock book and was done in a Marg Sampson-George workshop in 2000. The original had a cream calico background but this range of fabric had just come out and I decided to be a daredevil and be totally different to everyone else and also use bright colors for the needleturn applique. I think it turned out well and now hangs on the wall of my office at work. The staff love it. I am actually typing this at work so don't be upset if I have quoted the wrong book but I do not have it here. Have a great weekend and happy sewing.


  1. Wow, I just discovered your new blog via your comment on Vicki's and my blog. Your hexagons are tremendous. I can see that this quilt will make a special memory for you.
    Did you draft the pattern yourself? I've not seen anything like it before - with the one piece centers. Fabulous!

  2. Hi Sharron,
    I've just been admiring all your quilts, they are fabulous & I love those fussy cut hexagons.I'm pretty new to all this & love all this inspiration, thank you for sharing your creations.

  3. Beautiful quilts. I like Brigitte Giblin and hope I can take her class one of these days. Hope you still enjoying blogging. There is nothing to it right? Hugs Natima

  4. Those hexagon pieces are terrific. Saw your photos on Pinterest and love, love, love these.
    The fussy cuts make them look so modern and new.
    I feel a new project working in my mind.