Monday, March 29, 2010


I have been truly blessed to have some wonderful womenfriends in my life who are very talented and have been there for me throughout good and bad times. I thought I might every so often showcase some of them. I first met SUE GROVES years ago as our Husbands are in the same line of business. I knew she was creative but never really knew how much till we went on a holiday to Europe some years ago to do with our businesses. I had seen her sketching things whilst standing waiting for buses and in queues at tourist spots and finally went up to look over her shoulder. I was truly amazed!!!! She was keeping a tour journal and I looked at what she was sketching and what her and I were looking at and it was the same. All done within a few minutes!!!! WOW!!!! I have some prints of her journal sketches that I will show at a later date but thought I would show you her quilts and paintings. When my beloved Father Ron died she just knocked on my door one day with a beautiful Kokeshi Doll painting because she knows I love them (so does she too!!). Not a bad feat because she lives in Melbourne and the painting was also framed beautifully. How lucky am I to have Sue in my life.

here we are having dinner at Kylie Kwong's Restaurant in Sydney
(thats Sue on the right)
So here goes the eye candy ......... ENJOY!!!!!!

OOOoooh!!! Did I forget to tell you she is also a World class cook and we both love the same wines as well. Stay tuned ladies over the coming weeks I will have more talented ladies to showcase.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Some years ago we went to Japan on business but also managed some touring around time.

How beautiful and trusting are these deer!!!

These quilts were in our Hotel in Hiroshima.

I was inspired to make some oriental quilts using panels I had bought back for my daughter. No photos for that one . This was an old panel I had that my Mother loved so I made this with other fabrics she had picked out. I had one other panel the same and made one for myself with a number of borders around it made from lots of squares with a different Japanese fabric for every square.

Of course this is where my love of Kokeshi Dolls started and I have many more in my collection. I even have a little one hanging off my Mobile phone and some off my scissors. My quilt group that meets at my house on Wednesdays is also called Kokeshi Dolls.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Hi Everyone, This posting is for today 14th March but for some reason it is posting as Friday. Can not seem to edit it so this is the only way I could correct it.

Friday, March 12, 2010


I can't beleive it is a year since our beloved and beautiful daughter Shanna married Tim. Time flies quickly.

What a fabulous time we all had. Really relaxed and one big party of laughing and dancing. Congratulations Shanna and Tim. I LOVE you both very much.


Yes, here we are arriving in style at Hamilton Island after aborted landing and then walking across tarmac in torrential rain.

Yep, laying back relaxing!!!! Not!!!!!!

Glamorously attired for awards night.

Yes, thats right ladies I am behind the guy on fork lift.

and there you have me ...... COMING THRU!!!!!!!!!!!
.... and what does a girl do when she is feeling down and incapacitated??????? HEXIES!!!!!

.... and buy Yuwa fabrics on-line

.... and YAY!!! thank goodness for EBAY

... and my best friend Vicki (also a quilter) who owns an Antique Shop gave me this to cheer me up because she knows I love old tins and birds. Every time I open it up it makes me feel happy.