Monday, February 8, 2010


This quilt was started in a Marg Sampson-George workshop and was supposed to have 7 medallions in the middle. Of course I loved all of mine and so couldn't cull any of them so it will be larger than original antique quilt.

This quilt top is finished now and has VERY special meaning to me. I handstitched this whilst my beloved Father Ron was in the Hospice so this was the last quilt he ever saw and he touched it throughout telling me how beautiful it was. He was very proud of my quilting and used to bring all his friends to my house to look at them and also used to drive me to quilt shops and knew all the girls there and would have coffee and a chat with them. This is a Karen Cunningham pattern called Buttercup with some changes to it so I called it Buttercuppish.
This is a Brigitte Giblin pattern.

This is a Kim McLean pattern with the Turkey fabric border.

This is a Marg Sampson-George pattern of an antique crib quilt. The centre medallion was very tricky 1/2 inch Hexagons with diamonds all paper pieced.

I thought you might be interested in my little bag I made in January. I mentioned that we travel a lot so I thought on this bag very hard and came up with if I made 5 squares it would sit on my lap with the top rolled over very comfortably. I work straight from this bag on planes, waiting in airports and in the car etc. I put pockets inside to hold cotton and pincushion etc. and I handquilted it with variegated perle in big stitch. Each square is a different and favourite fabric of mine.

and what is this little bag full of hexies.

..... AND all of this is overseered by my beloved Gucci.


  1. All so gorgeous Sharron, stunning work...simply stunning!!
    Pop on over and visit the Great Hexagon Quilt Along groups... and sister group link is on that blog.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful quilts with us all.
    Robyn xx

  2. Your work is gorgeous and I love the significance of the first quilt you pictured, so special.

  3. Sharron we think your work is terrific - we particularly liked your fussy-cut hexagons and posted about them on our blog
    Looking forward to what you do next and seeing more of the supervisor!

  4. Your work is amazing. I am hooked!

  5. Your work is beautiful. The first hexagon quilt is stunning and your puppy is pretty cute too.

  6. Beautiful, beautiful quilts, Sharron. Gucci is rather cute too!

  7. I can't find the words to tell you how gorgeous your works are. I love hexies so you can guess which my favourites are. Take care and keep in quilting! Best, Clara.

  8. Sharon I have just discovered your blog and you have made my day. Just love your fabric choices and your quilts and those blocks of works in progress ar breathtaking. A visual delight :-) Thankyou for sharing
    Will be watching them evolve.

  9. Hi Sharon you have your blog set at no reply so I could not answer you direct. so here goes :-)
    Hi Sharon
    I think that the pattern was from a back issue of Inspirations number 57
    Now Sharon How Miniature. You know the machine that Mrs Teddy was photographed with, That is classed as a miniature. Bigger than a toy I know but Miniatures are actually more a miniature of a full sized machine that the ladies used to take to sit and sew. That machine is 1870 and is referred to as a gold medal.
    There are the mini (recent) machines and the toy sewing machine.
    Next machine we plan to put on the blog is a Jones Medium, which is a clone to the Singer 13 the early Singers Dressmakers machine. It had a big throat.
    I just love all your hand work and sent the link of your blog to lots of the girls in our group as I knew that they would love your blog too.
    Get that Blogger for Dummies book out and work out how to reset ;-)

  10. Love your drawstring bag for your hexies.

  11. Hi Sharon
    Love the hexies you were quilting when you were with your Dad. I am trying to understand how you did them. Is the fussy cut centre one piece with the smaller hexie around it?
    Will keep folowing your progress.
    Sue in NZ