Friday, June 18, 2010


Some of my completed quilts

Some of my many uncompleted quilts (all labelled)

My toy sewing machines

8 inch Vintage Madame Alexander and Ginny Dolls

I love the Amish Girl and Boy. I will have to make a little Amish quilt to put near her.

The Addams Family complete with headless doll, dynamite, poison bottle and Thing
The Beatles and Jeannie and Tony

More little Vintage girls
My clean desk and beautiful lamp my husband bought me

New fabric baskets nearly completed

More fabric (need to get more baskets tomorrow)

In the hopes of working off some Quilters Bum .... Ha!!!
Some mini quilts finally put on wall

I have finally worked out how to get my comments emailed to me so I will know now when they come in so BIG APOLOGIES to anyone I might have missed. A BIG thankyou to CHOOKYBLUE for posting "how to do this". Have a great weekend everyone. I know I will working away in my beautiful new sewing room. Hopefully Hubby will send in some food every so often.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Hi Everyone, I am still here. It has been madness in my life at the moment. We have built new premises for our business and moved into them which was a huge job. I also had extensive dental work (YUK!!!) plus physio on knee and as if I didn't have enough to do I decided to move my quilt room to a bigger room in our apartment and make my husband's study into my old quilt room. What a sucker for punishment!!!!!! I must say I am LOVING my new Quilt Room but what a job. I have a HUGE stash (just like everyone!!) but also collect antique sewing items, toy sewing machines, vintage Madam Alexander Dolls and have many quilts to stack plus all the WIP were bagged, labelled and lined up in one cupboard with glass doors so I can see them and then decide do I really want to start another or maybe just grab one from the pile to finish. This move into an apartment, empty nesting thing is a lot harder to do if you are a Quilter!!!! Would you believe I had sewing in 5 rooms now it is all in one room with a large table to work on. This will be much better when the Kokeshi Dolls meet here on Wednesdays. I have sewn some more fussy hexagons and am busily cutting out plenty more to take to Europe as I am off to V & A in 13 days as well as Italy, Russia, Norway and a few other Countries. The BEST NEWS EVER is I am going to be a GRANDMOTHER!!!!! We can't believe it!!!!! So much planning of nursery etc. What fun. As usual I have mucked up loading photos so will save them for a later date.