Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I was on Barbara Brackman's blog recently and saw she had done a posting on tile quilts. I
was in Spain and Morocco a couple of years ago and took these photos. I thought hmmm!!
there is a quilt somewhere in here. What do you think??????

I would also like to thank all the fabulous bloggers who have posted comments and joined
as followers and big hugs to Notjustnat for outing me. It feels great to know that "somebody is out there".


  1. wow, those tiles are beautiful, I would have a hard time picking one

  2. Mmmm what a lot of lovely designs. I took some similar photos in Jerusalem thinking there was a quilt in there somewhere but as yet haven't done anything. I shall enjoy seeing what you come up with, good luck.

  3. I think there's more than one quilt in there!! Thanks for sharing the photos...those tiles are gorgeous.
    Welcome to blogland! I came over from Kathie's blog.