Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Russia was beautiful, very hot and very crowded. This Sphinx is an original from Egypt. Shame to think of the antiquities around the World that don't belong there. Warning this is photo heavy.

The Hermitage Museum

A nice quilt in here!!!

Square in a square

This is a beautiful gold clock where on the hour the peacocks tail spreads and the rooster crows.

Another quilt????

The ceilings were beautiful artworks.

The embroidery on this sleigh of Catherine the Great was beautifully worked.

Another sleigh

The Hermitage from the water

A trip down the Canal. They call this Venice of St. Petersburg.

El Capitano will unfortunately get either sunstroke or skin cancer. He keeps a bucket on a rope and fills it with water and then throws it over himself when he gets too hot. You can just see bucket beside him.

I am not sure about swimming. I suppose no sharks like we have in Oz.

The Church domes were glorious.

This is the Church of Spilled Blood. Unfortunate name for a very beautiful Church. One of the
Czars was blown up here and they built the Church on the site. I bought a beautiful watercolor of this Church outside but of course forgot to photograph it.

Oooh, another quilt??????

Don't know the name of this Church.

St. Peterhof Palace.

They liken this to Versailles in Russia.

Back in St Petersburg

This Fort guards the City.

A beautiful sunset for Sail Away.

I bought this wallhanging in St. Petersburg for my sewing room. Lovely memory.

A beautiful domed Church in Estonia.

These quilts were hanging in an art gallery.


  1. I have just discovered your blog and have looked through every post...your quilts are absolutely gorgeous!! Please do post more pics of what you are making and any quilts you haven't posted pics of as yet. I have also really enjoyed your travelogue of photos. Best wishes for the holiday season and New Year.

  2. Thanks for all the photos. Great quilt ideas! Maybe add a few onion dome buidings around the big circle?

  3. Amazingly beautiful! My husband loved StPetersburg, unfortunately, I did not get to go. It was a legal trip... We have several Russian Works of Art, Silver,etc. He is fascinated with it all!~who isn't?!?! :)
    Love the automaton !!!