Friday, November 19, 2010


I am a Grandmother to a beautiful baby boy AIDAN born 9 weeks early on September 22nd ( 3 days before my birthday) weighing 1.6kgs. Of course there were complications with his lungs, his weight plummeted, his heart valve and many more things over the weeks. He was finally allowed home last week at 7 1/2 weeks and 2kgs. He is so tiny I can't believe it!!!!

You can just see the tip of the little quilt I made him whilst sitting in waiting room at Infants I.C.U. I will take another photo and post soon.

First time out of humidicrib.

Pa doing his bit in waiting room!!!

His first outing in fresh air in Hospital pram. Mother and Grandmother fighting over who was going to push pram. Pa was saying stop it you two or security will think you are a baby snatcher!!!!
I have escaped I am tucked in my car seat going to my new home!!!!!!
I minded him yesterday all by MYSELF. I couldn't resist this photo!!!!

This quilt was on the wall at Hospital. It was strangely comforting for me. There were also some little quilts over the humidicribs that someone had obviously made and donated. It was very nice and made me think how these things make premmie ICU's look better. They are really on a tight budget in these places and have to pay for a lot of things from their meagre budgets. I have been away from work for 8 weeks and am hoping to get back soon but felt it was more important to be with my Daughter and Grandson. Hopefully I will be back on track with blogging too.


  1. What a little cutie! So sorry that you all had to go through an early birth, but I'm glad to hear he's doing well. Enjoy cuddling on him!

  2. Dear Sharron, Bless his tiny little heart! I bet he will thrive, and very soon you won't be able to believe he was a preemie. Your daughter is gorgeous. Congratulations, and heartfelt good wishes Granny. Michele

  3. Congratulations Grandma!!!
    That was cute trying to fight over pushing the baby!
    I am so glad he is home and enjoying his new life with you all. I have 7 grandchildren, and one of them is in heaven. So I rejoice you have your little guy!!! :)

  4. Gorgeous baby Sharron & Shanna!! I want one too ( a grandchild that is) Great news that everything is going well - Lots of love, Kim McL

  5. Congratulations! Oh how beautiful he is. Thank God for all of the technology now in hospitals, simply amazing. Y'all look so happy and can't wait to see your many baby quilts! Xo