Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Some years ago we went to Japan on business but also managed some touring around time.

How beautiful and trusting are these deer!!!

These quilts were in our Hotel in Hiroshima.

I was inspired to make some oriental quilts using panels I had bought back for my daughter. No photos for that one . This was an old panel I had that my Mother loved so I made this with other fabrics she had picked out. I had one other panel the same and made one for myself with a number of borders around it made from lots of squares with a different Japanese fabric for every square.

Of course this is where my love of Kokeshi Dolls started and I have many more in my collection. I even have a little one hanging off my Mobile phone and some off my scissors. My quilt group that meets at my house on Wednesdays is also called Kokeshi Dolls.


  1. a place I have always wanted to visit.
    nice pictures

  2. Great pictures Sharron, notice you sneaked in some hexies in one of the hotel quilts!

  3. Lovely pictures. Those deer are adorable.

  4. Great pictures and I love the applique one in your hotel. I would love to go to Japan one day.

  5. How Lovely!
    Thanks for sharing these memories. I hope you are feeling better, Sharron?
    And what a lovely quilt you made... I never knew the name of the japanese Dollies... Thank YOU, KOKESHI!

  6. You should check out the block "little handfuls, Needle Felted Mini Bears". She just started making the CUTEST ev-ar Kokeshi dolls. Very sweet looking. She has a couple of pics on her blog of them.

  7. Just discovered your blog this evening and I'm enjoying it a lot. Your work is so beautiful.
    My DD collects the Kokeshi dolls. They are very cute. The French magazine QuiltMania has the cutest Kokeshi doll wall hanging in it this issue 77 also it will continue in 78.
    It is one of many "one day" projects I have lined up to make ;)