Friday, August 20, 2010


First up, we went to our house up the Coast this weekend and the computer crashed up there. I couldn't believe it!!!! Why does this always happen when I am trying to post my blog. I had typed everything and completely lost it all even though I had saved it. Who knows what happened to it all so I am typing away again. It is very frustrating and almost has me ready to retire from this. My favourite saying is "Never EVER give up" but this has me almost there. Oh well onward and upward ........

Have you ever wondered how people move their furniture out of apartments with tiny staircases? Well this is how! We watched this fascinated from our Hotel room in London. They actually took the window out and then put it back in when finished.

Another grand sight from hotel.

This was my Hubby's grand sight. People pay HUGE money to bring their cars over from Middle East to drive them around London for Northern Summer.

Enough has been posted about V & A but my personal experience was FABULOUS. I dragged Hubby along after saying all the car and boat things I have done with you for years you can come to this. Well he loved it!!!! Especially the quilts made by the Military Men. He couldn't believe all those tiny hexies. He said he loved looking at my face whilst looking at all the beautiful quilts. BUT especially the Sundial Quilt. I have loved this quilt for years ever since my bestie Kim McLean told me about a V & A book she had bought. Of course I bought it and the quilt was in there. I actually felt quite emotional standing in front of it. From the pictures my least favourite block was the ducks but I have to tell you in real life they are STUNNING! I think now what really put me off was the other 3 corners didn't have enough applique to match up with the ducks. Myself and 2 friends are drawing and working on this quilt so I am definitely putting some appliqued ducks somewhere. Here is a photo of my purchases. Who has been a naughty girl then!!! I could have been even naughtier I would have loved to have bought the hexie trolly bag to take to classes.

Flying into Italian Riviera. BELLISSIMO!!!!

A beautiful gate in Santa Margarita


Ooh! Who is being another naughty girl in Portofino. Bellini YUM!!!!

We went on this boat to see something that I can now cross off my bucket list. It looks space age doesn't it? I was very nervous that we wouldn't make it as it was rough the day before and we couldn't go out and this was our last day there so it was really down to the wire.

Imagine my wonderment when this finally started to show through the deep, deep water.

The Jesus Statue to protect seafarers.

This is Jamie Packer's Artic P anchored at Portofino. We have also seen it at Koh Samui in Thailand as well. There were some well known guests on board and I am not sure if I should name them so I won't. I know this because they came ashore and had dinner in same Restaurant as us on next table so there was certainly an Aussie contingent that night.

Ah ROMA!!!!!! This is the view from the Terrace Restaurant at our Hotel. You can see The Vatican and the Spanish Steps and for many miles in 180 degrees. Very beautiful especially at sunset.

This is the Terrace Restaurant. The blinds were down as the sun was blaring and then they went back up later. The night lights were beautiful also.

A funny story about our Hotel. When we were checking out I said to Hubby "did you see that old bloke trying to look like Rod Stewart". Hubby said "that old bloke was Rod Stewart".

I bought these old scissors at an Antique Market on waterfront outside our Hotel in Santa Margarita. I was a very happy spaghetti eater that day!!!
And just in case all you thought I did was eat spaghetti and drink vino here is my work box I took along. Will post completed work as I go along.

I bought this book today. My Mother-in-law BETTY is teaching me to crochet a bag (yes the multi-colored one that everyone in blogland is making) so I thought I would get her to help me make the tea cosy that Justnat made. We all call her MARDI and she is 89 years old this week and another bestie of mine. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARDI, I LOVE YOU.


  1. Hi Sharr, glad you're back home again. I can see that you had a great time in Europe!!
    Stayed at the Hassler in Rome didn't you! Gave up the Hotel De Russie? What is that drink you're having?
    That tea pot cosy - there is class for this in Bowral / Mittagong.
    See you soon & catch up. Love, Kim McLean

  2. Glad you didn't give up on your blog after your computer hassle, I really enjoyed this post, thanks for sharing all your fun and naughtiness.

  3. Wow! it looks like you have had a fantastic time away! I am so jealous that you got to see the Sundial Quilt and all the others at the V & A. I bet it was amazing to see them all in real life!

  4. Wow- it looks like a fun trip.

  5. I'm glad you made the effort to post in spite of all the problems. I enjoyed reading about your adventures.

  6. If I can keep going with all of my computer woes and being so geographically challenged..... You can do it! Don't quit! Loved cat hinge up and can't believe how lucky you are to travel in the style that you do! We've always gone first class with the idea of not knowing if well get back and so glad we did...... Also glad we traveled when we did, après groping. Ugh
    Too funny re. Rod Stewart. I think he has a second family now to keep him young. Lol