Friday, June 18, 2010


Some of my completed quilts

Some of my many uncompleted quilts (all labelled)

My toy sewing machines

8 inch Vintage Madame Alexander and Ginny Dolls

I love the Amish Girl and Boy. I will have to make a little Amish quilt to put near her.

The Addams Family complete with headless doll, dynamite, poison bottle and Thing
The Beatles and Jeannie and Tony

More little Vintage girls
My clean desk and beautiful lamp my husband bought me

New fabric baskets nearly completed

More fabric (need to get more baskets tomorrow)

In the hopes of working off some Quilters Bum .... Ha!!!
Some mini quilts finally put on wall

I have finally worked out how to get my comments emailed to me so I will know now when they come in so BIG APOLOGIES to anyone I might have missed. A BIG thankyou to CHOOKYBLUE for posting "how to do this". Have a great weekend everyone. I know I will working away in my beautiful new sewing room. Hopefully Hubby will send in some food every so often.


  1. Your sewing room looks fantastic! Everything is so neat and tiday and I don't feel too bad now with my UFO's - I think you have just as many as I do!
    I love your doll collection, especially the Adams Family, what a hoot!!
    Have a great weekend sewing in that lovely room.

  2. Wow, what a neat sewing room, love the quilts on the wall.

  3. Everything is so tidy. It puts my sewing room to shame
    Love the little quilts

  4. Hi Sharron, it all looks wonderful - organised creativity and inspiration in equal measure - the anti-quilters-bum machine looks like a must-have!! Feeling inspired to do some tidying up over here...

  5. Lovely sewing rooM! Your dolls are wonderful!Made me smile...
    I NEEEED that machine! I SO have the quilter's bum. Never had it before, until I began quilting!!!! seriously. ugh! oh well, I'll take quilting any day! xo

  6. Wish you could organize my sewing room - yours is a treat for the eyes! And love your sweet Ginny dolls. I have the one I played with during the early 50's - guess she would be considered vintage? She has a nice selection of outfits, shoes and accessories all kept in her original blue metal wardrobe trunk.
    I must dust off my own treadmill & get back to a routine...4+ months since knee replacement & I definitely have the quilters bum :o)

  7. wow, you are quite a collector. And everything is tidy and orderly! Love your toy sewing machines!

  8. your wall of little quilts looks great!
    can't wait to see more added over time