Tuesday, April 27, 2010


We went to Singapore with our great friends Barb and Barry for Easter. I was a bit of a drag with my leg had to get on and off planes in wheelchairs and after walking for a while had to go back to Hotel and do RICE but still managed to have a great time.

This is part of the view from our Hotel room and in foreground are two of my favourite things. My sewing bag and dragonfruit.

The new Casino being built. We have watched this go up from ground level over the years.

More of the view from our room.

I love this view. If you click on it you will see two sides of Singapore ... the old and the new mixed together. Along the front of high rise is the beautiful old terrace houses of Boat Harbor.

Inside the Hindu Temple

Outside the Hindu Temple

The very beautiful Fullerton Hotel at night. It is a restored old Post Office.

The view outside the bathroom window of our room. Unfortunately there was no way I could get in that bath!!!!!

The Hotel pool. Very nice!!! Easy to get into with a bit of help!!!

As I said it was Easter. The Hotel made these gorgeous eggs and also had a giant bunny for the children to follow on egg hunt. They were all very excited.

My favorite was this one. How amazing!!!!!!

Some artwork at the Hotel

Of course here is Barb and I at local Quilt Shop

A very beautiful restaurant we went to one night. It is called Indochine and is Vietnamese food.

This was another night at a local seafood restaurant.

As you can see I didn't lose my appetite!!!!!! Singapore Chilli Crab. YUM!!!!!!!!!

..... and YUMMO!!!!!!! I got this Claw!!!!!!!

This was another night at Newton Circus. These are Banana prawns which we washed down with Tiger Beer.
But just in case you think all I did was shop, eat and drink I did manage to get some work done too!!!!!!


  1. Loved hearing about your trip Sharon! And, as always, those blocks are divine!

  2. Your blocks are lovely. What did you use for the large centers -- antique fabrics?

  3. I love those hexagon blocks (and the ones from your earlier post). I'd love to see what they are going to become . . .

    Thanks so much for sharing.

    Regards, Sue

  4. One of the best things about blogging - being able to "tour" the world by just a click of a button...thank you so much for sharing images from your trip - how fun that you found a quilt shop too! And you are such a trooper - cane and all!!

  5. Sharon
    I just came across your blog, and thought here is a girl after my own heart. Everything I have seen on your blog I love, especially all the hexagons. I decided awhile ago to start making a few more, as I have enough bed quilt in the cupboard, and hexies are lovely to travel with. Do you do them all on paper. The current ones I am making are drawn lines on the back of the fabric.
    I will keep "checking you out"
    Kindest regards
    Sue from N.Z.

  6. Loved the travel pics as always, getting anxious to see where these hexies are going ... they look amazing!

  7. Oh my! LOVELY! Glad I found you! These hexies are so gorgeous! I must go back now and see more of your blog! Great trip!!!
    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  8. Sharron, I'm SO in love with your use of hexies that I've posted a link to your blog for my Thursday Blog Reveal. I hope this is okay.... :)

  9. Hi there thank you for sharing your great trip to Singapore, I LOVE that place and your photos brought back some lovely memories. Did you go to Ira's in Tanglin Mall? Smart hotel too, great view from that bath :)

  10. Hi, dear Sharron, I know it took me a while, but I am here now!
    :) how are you doing, my friend? Feeling better? I can't believe your pictures! wow, and your hexies>>> to die for. You are definetely Queen of Fussy Cutting!
    I just tried my first ones last week and I was soooo frustrated, and hooked at the same time. I am so happy you had a lovely time in Singapore.
    Receive my love,